Trauma Constellations, Family Constallations and working on trauma combined.

Because you cannot process an intense situation a trauma is created. That can be a great loss, a conscious or unconscious emotional injury or a threat to your life. Some deep traumas are caused by problems that are being passed on from generation to generation. The following questions and themes are extremely suitable to be treated in a Trauma Constellation: – I see a pattern of disease, tiredness or fear in my family. – I cannot find my position in my family or in society. – I feel that I am never really present. – I cannot acces my life force and my creativity. – Physical problems for which there is no medical cause.

Basic Insights of Trauma Constellations.

The trauma causes the soul to separate into three parts, one part traumatised, one part survival and one part healthy. The traumatised part is the part that got stuck in the time when the trauma took place. The body as it were freezes partly so the trauma cannot be solved and the fysical problems will repeat themselves. This part will time and again try to find a way out and be brought to light. The survival part will maintain itself until the traumatised part has been integrated. In the time between it will mainly cause denial and repression of the trauma. This part can keep out unpleasant feelings by working hard, by avoiding responsibility, addiction, negativity or cynicism. A survival mechanism is always alert to get activated when there is danger. The healthy part looks into the world with trust, acts upon its wishes, creates goals and is independent. It recognizes the feelings it has taken over from others and feels free from those. Its own feelings are important and they match others and their feelings. In short the body is a healthy home for the soul.

Working practice of Family Constellations in the case of trauma.

A Trauma Constellation starts with a short introduction to your question or your longing. In this preliminary interview we look at the motive of your question or longing and at important occurences in your family of birth. The primary focus of Trauma Constellations is the inner experience of the author of the question. What somebody feels about a question or longing is central.

The result of working on trauma with Family Constellations.

To integrate the trauma and to give it its place so the soul connection can be recovered and you can live life fully again.

Reasons to participate in the workshop Trauma Constellations.

-You have a question in which you know / suspect that trauma is playing a part. – Professional interest. – Unexplainable diseases. – Difficulties with attaching and connecting. – If you have ancestors that were victims of war or other violence. – If you feel that you are being obstructed to live life fully. – If you want to increase your carrying capacity. – If you want to develop more body awareness.

Privacy around a Trauma Constellation.

Because of the nature and intensity of the method participants are requested  to respect each other and each others privacy. If you want to bring in data that are are privacy-sensitive, we can communicate beforehand on how to anonymize the information.

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