The working practice with its books and stories from the early days of Family Constellations are a bit dogmatic. This is why we now practice “the New Family Constellating”.

In “the New Family Constellating” we have moved away from the fixed mentality in the world of therapy and the Old Family Constellating.  We purely work with the movements of the field and make no more statements about what is right or would be right.

The working practice and intention have led to a unique way of clarifying the undercurrent. In the early days we as constellators carried out interventions as if we were standing above it. This is only partly true though. Who do we think we are to decide about right or wrong? It is up to us to yield and allow the wisdom of the field to unfold.

At the end of the nineties when I started off I did a constellation in which my father stood lonely in a corner and I stood in another corner. There was no movement. Then the therapist (that was what the constellator used to be) put me in front of my father and asked me to say all kinds of things. He was not taking into account the wisdom of the field. A few years later my half-sister came into the picture, my fathers daughter from a “one night stand”.  I turned out to have a half-sister without me knowing it. The field was allready showing at that time that my father stood in the corner with my excluded half-sister.

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