I felt the inspiration to write you something as if we are going to travel together. These are insights from the field of Family Constellations, perceptions about the force that leads us therein.

The basis of family constellations. This is not being able to bear things as they are. Going somewhere without knowing what you are going to find there. As they sometimes call it in Zen meditation ‘beginner’s mind’. In the circles of Constellation work we use the posh word  phenomenological basic attitude.
We are going to travel. Actually we are always travelling. Even though we live in daily patterns, every day is just different anyway, even if our minds quickly make the same of it. The weather is always changing, the political / social context, everything is constantly moving onwards.

We are going to travel. Imagine you book a ticket without knowing where you’re heading. How open are you to receive in that way? That is also about living in the present moment. You come to know by now where you are, do you take a taxi or a bus? Where will you go when all your patterns are not there? Do you become stressed or do you let your mind relax. Are you able to suspend your judgment and go with the flow of the moment?

Observing, gently observing the image, letting the sounds come to us instead of us watching or listening. We sit on a bench in a park and just close our eyes and suddenly you notice that the moment gets closer to you, becomes richer and fuller, as if your awareness got increased. Do you recognize that?

Just do not act but let it be, which is not the same as doing nothing anyway. In India, they often talk about ‘you are not the doer’ which is often difficult for us Westerners and yet it is about adopting a wider of state of living, working and doing. We sit on the bench and let ourselves be swept away by the sounds, we do not have to do anything. After all, we just have nothing to do there. Unless we fill it up again with? Where am I going to?

We are going on a journey, it is not that we have no direction because we have a clear intention. We are based in ourselves, we trust, or in any case we intend to trust. So we leave our thoughts of “where are we going to?” behind and we go back inside ourselves on that bench with those beautiful bird sounds. We intend to be real, deep and relaxed Maybe for you the words are slightly different. It is also more about the content than about the words. More about the energy with which you intend than the specific content of it. It does us a world of good and we get closer to ourselves, away from the stress of needing to go somewhere. It’s fine to be here on this bench.

It’s lovely to reach our first destination with this conscious attention.

I wish you a beautiful day, Hylke.

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