In our lives of comfort we sometimes miss something that we do find in our dreams, holidays, books, love and movies! And some of us are close to it. I do understand my brothers who go to Afghanistan for adventure. My dear acquaintance Paul de Blot once told me how grateful he was for the real friendship that he experienced when he was in a Japanese prison camp during the war.

I remember the special story of this blind boy who was the leader of the biggest resistance group in Paris during the second world war. Because of his blindness he had to develop other senses, furthermore his parents gave him the support not to believe in the limitations of blindness. He describes how he slowly started to feel everything more and more as a vibration, as light! This experience reached its peak in a concentration camp where he was imprisoned because he was betrayed. (The title of the book is: And there was light).

Last wednesdaynight the wheather was incredibly warm and pleasant at the Leidseplein in Amsterdam. We went to the movies with a delicious Starbucks chai in our hands. Wow, what a movie, a raw, genuine, light, beautiful movie. About a girl who lives with her father in the middle of wild nature, catching fish with your hands, storms. Anger, grief, death, life, dream, reality, drinking, just gorgeous. Really inspiring to be so close to life itself and to completely go for it. They have to hand over a sense safety and security, but they get something in return. (Beasts of the southern wild).

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