Spirit of the time

“Know thyself” said Socrates.

We live in a time where we are innovating, communicating and globalizing at topspeed. This enormous amount of impulses, workload and choices makes it more than ever before important to realize what is important to us, our family, our colleagues, stakeholders and customers. Furthermore we live in a time of population growth, financial crisis and technological and medical developments that makes it necessary to review values. From unlimited growth to boundaries and sustainability and from exploitation and deforestation to a sustainable use of soil and protection of biodiversity. From limitless use of medical means in order to lengthen lives to acceptance of death. This reviewing of values calls us on an inner journey. Einstein already remarked that a problem cannot be solved with the same mindset that created it.


Going into nature as a mirror for reconnecting to our natural authentic Self. In nature we reconnect to the earth, the elements and to what really matters to us. Away from home, family and work we can find ourselves and we can rediscover what we really are. We have known this ceremony from time immemorial. Whether we go on a pilgrimage, or whether it is indiginous people going on a vision quest or if we are only fasting for a few days on a sacred mountain. Whether it’s aboriginals going on a walkabout or yogis that sit alone in a cave. What matters is the quest for real wisdom and power out of deep values.

time for reflection

In the « rollercoaster » of our daily lives we usually take too little time to stand still for a moment. It is as if we are cutting down a jungle without anybody climbing into a tree in order to look in which directing we are going. And whether that is the direction we really want to take. It is a scarce thing to stand still for a few moments and to feel, be aware and think.


We see that many of us take too little time for sports, healthy food and fresh air. Being outside and walking in nature revives our energy and makes you build up power in your muscles. Tension can flow away and fat can turn into muscle mass. Furthermore your mind gets a chance to get clear and find direction when you breathe fresh air deeply and drink water directly from the mountain river.


It’s like learning to enjoy life again in a natural way. You move from survival to really living, from running to standing still and from thinking to feeling. Do you create enough space for yourself to feel your heart, to really enjoy and be grateful for everything that life has given you? 

You can still join us on our journey if you want. We start our Soul Journey in January.


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