You can participate in our work in order to reach something. Whatever that may be in the area of personal growth, relationships or success with your work. That is the purpose. You can clarify entanglements and release the obstructions to your flow of life. This way you can invite more health, happiness and success into your life.

However something even more important shows itself in the area of personal fulfillment. Instead of being yourself as an isolated individual will you get connected with the origin of your existence. It shows that everything that happens to you really is happening inside of you. That you are always at home.

On the way to get there our constellations work is playing an important role. For me personally it is an authentic path that leads to the destination of a deep experience of life in the present moment while still embracing our difficult themes. This still takes into account the aim of reaching our goals. Internally we aim our deepest part at something even more deep, the bottom of our existence. On the bass tones and the silence that is underneath everything, the noise and the beautiful melodies.

Here our question no longer exists, all that is left is our connection to the deeper flow of life. Than it doesn’t matter any more how that lifecurrent is flowing. Or whether that lifecurrent is bringing us so called good things or bad things. It doesn’t affect us any more. We just feel grateful to be present in that flow of life. Even if we are ill, weak or very poor. We can sense and see that it’s correct the way it is and Constellations help us to do so. For me this is its greatest treasure apart from its achieving goals in the world.

This is an independent power that nobody can ever take away from you. It is a connection you make to yourself as a human who is homouring his or her life just the way it is given to you. At that moment you stop your personal development because you have nothing left to develop. All your so called flaws, your ugliness and your darkest shadows get their place in the flow of life. 

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