What do you feel in your body right now? The raw, the real, the acxtual? So what is it that you really feel inside your body right now without sticking images onto it? Pressure on your chest for instance, or tension in your back?

It is interesting to be aware of where there is no feeling. Where do you feel full and where empty? Where don’t you feel anything at all? And where a lot? Where is it cold, where is it warm?

How is your breath doing? Don’t steer it but just feel how you are breathing right now? Just accept that your breath is high, low, deep or superficial. Can you feel the air entering and leaving? Do you feel the air passing your upper lip, your throat, your windpipe and where it goes to in your lungs? And how long you keep it there before releasing? Everything is allright.

How do you feel when you focus your attention on your body and your breath? This could be a gate to your emotions.

Try to stay with what you really feel, the bodily awareness of your emotions and don’t try to explain it with your mind.  Maybe you don’t feel anything at all and that’s also okay. This is not everybodies way.

In the emotions you can feel exactly what’s going on inside of you without the need for labelling grief, anger etc. It’s just like looking at the clouds that are continually changing shapes. It is a wonderful time to let in some air by breathing more deeply and allowing movement to happen just like  a storm will clear the sky.

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