What I often see in relationships is that there is a fuss underneath which there is a hidden wisdom. Underneath our here and now fuss lies a whole world that we are not aware of. Our reactions, that are based on how we feel are coloured by our history but especially by what our ancestors didn’t pronounce or even kept hidden. Especially this is what comes up as fuss in our current relationships.

What the fuss really is saying is “look at me”. Look at me for what I really am, the field, the system, the family wants to say something which can only be done through this fuss. This is the only way to bring something deeper to light. In the bible is written somewhere “truth will set us free”.  So what matters most is to see where our emotional reactions originate from and that it is about ourself. And that in the end we can even find true love within ourselves. And that we can see all the fuss as a grateful present that has brought us closer to ourself and this love. And ah, how difficult this can be when we are in the middle of it. So, hang on there is light at the end of your tunnel.

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