Do you ever wonder what the meaning is of pain, grief or loss? What the meaning is of opposites, battle and war? If we examine this inside of us, what do we find? Maybe we just see our inner image of harmony, peace and absence of pain. This makes us more angry and sad as the world and our lives are not this way.

Regardless of whether it is good or bad, I think the trick is to learn how to relate to it in a way that strengthens us. A free manner, which we feel connects us to something bigger, without knowing what that is. It takes us inwards and shows us a peace that is real, even though in our daily life we fight for our families and our jobs.

It is beautifully described in the Bhagavad Gita, one of the many Hindu Bibles. In the discussion that their Lord Krishna has with Arjuna, he also stresses that it is not about  stopping the fight. The fact is that Arjuna is about to lead his army into a war, when he talks to Krishna.
Arjuna's mind was depressed because he had to fight his relatives and teachers, and he wondered how he could aim his arrows at them. Lord Krishna looked at Arjuna and explained that there are two ways of life that exist in this world. One is the pursuit of worldly affairs, and the second is the quest of every human being for the wisdom within themselves.

This is what we do in our work: we learn to find wisdom within by understanding the deep entanglements with our family. In this way we get freer to take up the fight in the world. As a result we start with our inner quest, free of judgments as we know them in the world of duality. Within us, we are looking for a greater and deeper force that will solve the quest for meaning. We are being taken along in connection with the flow and lust for life.

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