Break through your limitations and look into the mirror with Family Constellations.  If you dare to open up to yourself and your power than read on. There is a moment that you are confronted with yourself and your powerlessness. This may be in the area of: making money or a career, developing and maintaining relationships, health and illness, your home, welcoming yourself and feeling that you’re good enough.

There is a moment that we look into the mirror and see that we have created something we don’t like. Why and more importantly how do we do this?

The key of our creative potential through Family Constellations.

The key lies in learning to see that we are not alone with ourselves and our struggle. As an example I will tell something about myself, something that Family Constellations has done for me. Through the Constellations I could see that I was part of a larger network. That my themes were directly related to the life of my ancestors. That out of loving them deeply I had quite literally taken on certain states of consciousness. These states are about your attitude to life as in deep layers of feelings and emotions. They are the source of our thinking, our behaviour and the way in which we relate to others. What is really yours right now?

Looking underneath your daily mask with Family Constellations.

Now what is there underneath your daily mask of thinking and acting? What do you feel deep inside, what is stirring in your heart, in your soul? This is the first question to which there is no real answer but still the question we have to ask. If you cannot connect to this than concentrate on yourself for a bit. Let us now focus on your breathing. Take a few minutes to move your focus to your body and your breathing. Close your eyes and listen to what you are feeling. Don’t get distracted and allow yourself to go deeper inside yourself. Relax and breathe out slowly….follow your breath as you inhale and again as you exhale slowly. Relax. Wait till your breath continues by itself…..

Now we have landed in a space where we can take a fresh look at the themes of our life. The themes that we are dealing with at this moment.  Now look into the magic mirror of Family Constellations: Who do you see next to you sharing this feeling with you?

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