How to grow your compassion, love, and Immune Power!

I want to share the secrets of the coronavirus with you, the secrets that where revealed during our constellation ceremony. But before I do that, let me briefly introduce myself and our systemic work.

I am a systemic constellator, psychologist, psychotherapist and leadership coach and have been training people for more than 20 years. I am the managing director of the International Academy for Constellations.

In our work we perform systemic ceremonies for individuals, couples, teams, organizations, countries and for the planet as a whole. In these ceremonies we ask people to step in and represent people, emotions, events and themes connected with the question at hand. During the constellations, people often experience a trancelike state and can feel and pick up on the underlying energetic aspects of the situation or person they represent. This is what we call the field.

During a constellation ceremony, we might ask someone to represent ourselves for example, and another person to represent the problems we experience in our work, love, and/or health. We can also ask someone to represent the virus, our fear, the message from the virus, the earth, etc…

Once the representatives have taken their position in the field, a deep systemic representation of their relationships becomes present. We can also see what is going on with them on a personal level. Non-verbally and energetically they start feeling and behaving like the people and parts they were asked to represent. The representatives focus on what they really feel. They’re not acting, nor are they playing a role or performing any type of role play. Even though we call it primal theater, it is not theater at all. It is an expression of spirit and soul, something even very down-to-earth people can see and experience.

These constellation ceremonies are based on an old shamanic method of healing that was used throughout the world to heal tribes, people, and individuals. It improved fertility, and weather conditions. It brought the rains, the Hopi rain dance and Stonehenge, for example. It gave people the strength to give a voice to their subconscious, nature, spirits, and gods. Today this method has been revived, so we can once again learn how to reconnect with ourselves, each other and nature, on a deeper level. For many years now, my colleagues from all over the world and I have been exploring this phenomenological way of gathering information about human systems.

Before I tell you more about the insights gained from this constellation ceremony, I want to stress the importance of following the advice of our health professionals and governments. We must help contain the virus. Our message is a message to support and contribute; it does not oppose this advice in any way. We want to help you and our society to become more compassionate, loving and powerful. So that we can live and be happy, healthy and wise. We want to help you heal yourself, your family, and our planet. It is scary to share these vulnerable softhearted secrets with you. Please try not to judge too fast, or with a mind filled with fear.

I want you to be very critical, and search within yourself for your own answers. Don’t trust anything that doesn’t come from within. Feel, know, and think your own truth.

What did the constellation ceremony show us?

During our most recent group event on Friday March 13th and Saturday March 14th, we dedicated two constellations to the coronavirus. Soon after we had to postpone all our onsite events and switch over to an online organization.

The secrets that were revealed touched our hearts…

I want to share some of the major secrets with you, insofar as this is possible. After all, they’re not just mental ideas and thoughts, but deep energetic experiences too. My thinking is very much based on fear, control and fighting, so it is a daily practice of reprogramming myself in order to surrender, connect and focus on love.

On Friday we started off, all of us shocked and in fear, so we first chose someone to represent ourselves, the group of people in the room. Next we selected someone to represent the virus and then someone to represent our fear. By asking people about their experiences, we learned that this fear in fact consisted of three different kind of fears. One of the fears was a fear that was based on an idea, the concept of corona.  A collective idea, based on fear we all feel and our community is experiencing. Deep down we are tribal based mammals that will do anything to belong to the group, even embrace its ideas and fears…

What do you see when you look at this collective fear trip? Does it also rise up inside of you? How does that feel when you allow it to come in?

Another very important fear was the fear of death! An essential fear that is very heavy and is being neglected in our society most of the times. It was very liberating to me to see it as an individual aspect, separate from our fear, to give it a place in my life and have the courage to look at it.

Do you have the courage to look at your fear of death? Can you feel it within yourself now?

Then there was the actual fear for the virus itself. This fear was a lot smaller and less overwhelming than when we started. This fear helped us to take appropriate measures, like social distancing, washing our hands, etc…

All the fears needed to be addressed, by seeing them, feeling them, and by using them as intelligence. All emotions are treasures of intelligence, power, and love…

Next, we invited the corona sick and the corona dead. From them we learned that it is so important to open up our hearts and think all-inclusive. We must not exclude people. This means we have to take our responsibility when it comes to keeping our distance, washing our hands, etc., but we must not forget to reach out and include at the same time. The dead and sick literally said ‘that loneliness also contributed to their sickness and even their death’. The sick also told us that it is important to accept the virus, not to alienate yourself from your body, and that if you are sick it is important to accept your situation, the virus, and surrender. This strengthened their immune power!

Then we included someone to represent the immune system. The immune system said: “We have to return to the earth, nourish ourselves with healthy, biological food, water, and take enough rest.” She also felt that fighting the virus was not making her stronger, whereas surrendering to it and accepting it was.

Next, we chose a representative for the heart and she told us she felt connected to the earth and she was not afraid of the virus. Our heart can transform our fear of death within. Our heart can hold and carry us all!

In addition, the immune system and the heart made it clear we need to make room for our emotions, for when we do that the immune system becomes stronger, and the heart becomes lighter and clearer.

Do you have the courage to feel what you feel? Your fear, your anger, your sadness, the whole range of your emotions?

We also gave our ancestors a place in the field! They told us they also really suffered from illness and death, and that they are a normal part of our lives. They told us to take appropriate measures, but also that we don’t need to be so afraid and we shouldn’t panic!

What the virus is telling us

On the second day we performed another constellation ceremony. We had made room for the fear, and now we were able to listen to the underlying message, the secrets of the virus. In the past 10 years, working with illness, our clients discovered a profound message in their illness.

When we started the ceremony, the representative for ‘us’ was unable to see the earth or the virus. We were very preoccupied, focusing only on ourselves!

The coronavirus is a wake-up call.

We continued by bringing in representatives for the bats, the animals, and the message from the virus. The bats said they connect the message from the virus to mother nature, the earth. This made the message happy; to know that we, as humanity, were slowly starting to wake up and listen.

The virus said: “I’m not that important, but the message is. I’m just doing my thing.” The earth was very happy with her friends the animals, but the animals were not doing so well. They were being crushed!

We then chose one person to represent the challenges of our time (climate change, overpopulation, extinction, loss of biodiversity, enormous gap between rich and poor, etc.) The representative said: “With my hand on my heart, I really hope all goes well, but I am scared! I feel unrest and a need for reflection, the urge to retreat.” So we asked someone to represent renewal, rest and retreat. To rethink our life, work and love.

We also chose someone to represent all the animals that are now extinct.

I asked the group if there was anything else we needed, and they brought in the following representatives, following extinction of the animals:

Extinction of humanity….

Then the new time came, the turning point, which gave us all hope. The message from the virus stood next to her and said:

“I feel deeply grateful for the message the virus brings us, and for the connection with renewal, rest, and retreat, the virus, and also the earth.”

Then personal responsibility came in, and he said: “I am connected to the earth and the animals. It is my responsibility to take good care of them.”

Then we positioned a representative for the children, holding the message in his hands. The children were hot and felt carried by the earth, attracted to the new time, and scared.

Personal responsibility said: “I have to take care of the children first! We have to help the animals. We need a renewed sense of spirituality that transcends religions and brings back our deep honoring of animals, plants, and the earth.” That made the earth very happy. All now focused on the children and extinction of humanity transformed into love.

It was deeply touching for all of us to see the children crying and being held by mother earth, holding the new time by the hand. When this was witnessed, the message said: “Now that I am heard, I can slowly take my leave.” We, humanity, said: “When we can hear the message, we can properly deal with the virus and feel our Immune Power.”

So the virus is a message from Mother Nature, the earth, to us. It urges us to renew our connection with her and honor the animals and plants. Finding a place in our heart for fear helps us align all of our decisions with that in a deep love for the earth and all her children.

Viruses are our ancient ancestors. They were the first life on earth. The coronavirus has shown us a deep, secret meaning for the awakening of our planet. It tells us we have to start working together with Mother Nature, the earth, instead of trying to fight against her, or control her.

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