Imagine you are walking in the woods, sad and confused because you relationship is not what you want it to be. It smells of rotting leaves like now in the fall. The colors are soft yellow and pale brown.

Suddenly a mild breeze blows away your feelings of grief and lonelyness and you see memories of your childhood passing by. For a moment you didn’t feel lonely and sad, you were as peaceful as the trees. Furthermore you were looking at the lonely and sad child within as if the wind was blowing some perspective about yourself  into you.

A big old oak, majestic and proud, made you think of your mother and grandmother. It seemed as if the mighty branches of the oak were embracing you with quiet and acceptance.

A gentle smile appeared on your face when you were allowing this deep embracing love to be. A love that you and all of us have felt in our mothers womb. Hm, lovely.

With this warmth in your heart your view wanders to the trees behind the big oak. At once you feel how these trees could be your other grandparents, your great-grandparents, your great-great-grandparents and many more.

Wow, you feel for ever the support of an extended field and this realization gives you a renewed sense of strength and wealth. You feel grateful for being alive. Thank you beautiful oak.

Feeling fulfilled you walk back to where you came from. While the dusk turns to darkness you look up at the many stars in the night. They are shining their soft light on you from a great distance yet remaining close.



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