Once a beautiful couple came to me who had been looking for their dream home for years. It didn’t work out, so we did a constellation with it. It turned out that they were still held back by invisible connections to their family and the associated feelings and places.
Besides solving the problem by showing these deep connections, we have actually worked with homes on which they wanted to bid. With the aid of a constellation we have  tried out what would be the best in relation to themselves, the owners and the house. This turned out to be less important, because not much later she told me that they had found their dream home. Less than a week later their dream home came into the picture and they could buy it.
This is the way it works: When a constellation has matured then your process and the flow of life have ripened enough to start harvesting the fruit. Sometimes one needs more light, fertile soil and time before  one can harvest. That’s the flow of life and that's fine, everything at his or her time.

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