Since many years we also have been working with people with serious diseases. Many people with cancer come to us in order to learn something different about their disease. In order to support their own healing. In our work we see diseases as messages from the system, there is someone or something hidden behind the disease.

Here the first step is always to learn to look the disease in the face. To no longer run away from it but to embrace it. To cherish it as part of yourself. Even though it makes us suffer a lot, it belongs to us. Even though we do not want it and we find it heavy and difficult. Running away and not respondingis no use, we got her. And she is here.

If we do this then the underlying dynamics can become visible. Here we see that diseases are a way for the system to bring something to light. For example, someone came to us with breast cancer. In the Constellation we could see how the cancer was related to an unborn child from her mother, who had not yet received her place.

It does not mean we always heal, it may be our destiny to be carried to death by the disease. For our personality death is fearful, however, to the soul, it is also a chance for reunification and healing. In Constellations we often see death as a loving female goddess.

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