Do you dare to let go, say goodbye  and truly sustain a new start?

If we don’t really say goodbye and let go, how can we really start something new?  If we don’t really say goodbye have we really started something new? And have we had a relationship at all?

Most of our quest comes together at this point. If we want to be in the present moment, this is what we have to learn. If we want to be close to ourselves and if we want to be with others. It also teaches us about death.

Which simple keys can we use to unlock these doors?

The key of self awareness. Taking a step back, reflection, openness, body awareness and breath consciousness. This is what you already start doing by reading these words.  Now take a few seconds to check your body awareness and your breathing. How do they feel?

The key of gratitude. We can start here, say goodbye, let go and stay on course. In short it works, even though it may not be easy. I know this through my own experience. Thank you mama. Thank you papa. For the life that was given to me. Thank you dear wife, dear husband for being by my side. And if you’re not grateful now but angry, disappointed, sad or whatever ……than think of why you can be grateful for that.

Thank you dear boyfriend or girlfriend for leaving me, thank you illness because you’re teaching me to…..Being very grateful for the things in your life………

Thank you very much.

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