You might think, the shadow? Is there a shadow? I will try to explain. Many of my friends including myself are involved in giving new perspectives, inspiration and hope. However the shadow is that when you are unable to fulfill these positive intentions, you fall into an even greater depression, or disillusion.

The high energy of inspirational events that I see around, have a great promise, which might work for some, however for many there is some kind of backdrop. Not everybody can be a millionaire, then the system does’t work the way it is suppose too. You see this backdrop in the US culture a lot, where if you don’t succeed you failed, and you did that yourself! right!

No wrong, I love inspiration, clear goals, network of people to support this and eventually the manifestation. I believe however it is important to see where you really are? Where you have come from? And learn to see how you can fully embrace that first. Bringing your heart and soul home and allowing yourself to start blooming or even withering. Which means dying, that is all part of life.So this high inspiration is beautiful when we can truly learn to bring it down into real concrete results. Taking small steps and celebrating the small real life successes that’s where it starts.I wish you a beautiful small step and a warm embrace where your heart can be one with your soul.

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