Since the days of ancient Greece do we live in a world where dualism is dominating. This dualism makes a separation between the spiritual and the material. This separation between material matters and matters of the soul is the core of our problem with enthusiasm in organizations.

Rene Descartes in his time showed us exactly what is necessary to strengthen this separation between material matters and matters of the soul. The emergent bourgeoisie of those days that was involved in a power struggle had a lot to win with this separation. They could develop as rulers in science and politics. Previously all power was lying in the hands of kings, nobility and clergy. But now for instance science had acquired the right to research the dead body. Also did the separation between church and state, between government and soul bring more room for ordinary citizens to define their own life.

Nowadays we live in a time where for the first time ever we can command our own soul. We are not being forced to believe. We are completely free to follow our own inspiration. Where in former days the world knew a few enlightened minds we are now approaching a time where many people can reach enlightenment. That means they don’t have to follow the wise teachers from the past but learn to find wisdom inside themselves.

The Christian worldview with a God that created our earth for us has brought us a lot along with the abovementioned separation. We learned to completely make use of the possibilty to reorganize fysical space.We are champions of reorganization. We do have to deal with poverty at the level of ecology, medics/ethics and spirituality/psychology. This is the shadow of an era where we first extracted the soul from everything and then we didn’t even have a God. Like Nietzsche said: God is dead. This has been of great benefit to us and now the next step in our evolution is to readmit the soul. And to reclaim our responsibility in a new creation of God, Unity, connection and love. It takes courage to look this in the eye.

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