Family constellations consist of bringing a group of people together in order to imitate the family situation where each family member is represented by a new person who is present in the room. This makes it possible to review the situation as it was and to acknowledge the different persons and their perspectives. Furthermore by changing the position of the representatives things can get moving.

With family constellations we help you to uncover hidden parts of relationships between familymembers. By bringing to light problem areas one allready releases some of the dark content. One can set up a constellation around a diversity of important life questions or topics that you wish to see in a different light.

The special thing about family constellations is that it works with a physical, energetic and emotional force field. This becomes visible within the constellation through representatives of human relatives or topics. This is a force field that humanity has been using since ancient times. One can compare a constellation with old rituals used by primitive tribes.

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