A journey of the soul within a Family Constellations training.

What is meant with this? 7 years ago I started my first training group in Family and Organization Constellations.  I had invited a few good colleagues as guest lecturers but at the end of the training the biggest part of the group remarked that it would be better to have a deep connection with just me as a constellator. Than they wouldn’t have to get used to a new constellator and the constellator wouldn’t have to get used to them.

Family Constellations Training such as Bert Hellinger.

In the following groups this deep connection was formed even more. During this period I was also developing more and more the new Family Constellating. I also went to see my teacher Bert Hellinger and was inspired by his way of working more gently and more quietly. More concerned with the soul and even with we call the spirit.

Moreover I was relaxing more and more into myself as a teacher because I was developing more confidence in myself and the process. This deepened the process of the soul even more. In the meantime I discovered that  during the registrations for the group there was a personal click. It was as if in the depth of our soul a link was being forged for us to make the journey of the soul together.

From Family Constellations training to a deep journey of the soul.

During this period the process relaxed so much that I wasn’t staying above the group like an all-knowing  teacher of Constellations but really joined the group with my own personal struggles while still leading the group. I did this with even more depth and passion than ever before. The feedback I got was that there was increased trust and intimacy for people to open up to their hearts and to where it was taking them. They dared to reach deeper into themselves and to go for who they really are and to include everything that had happened in their families.

All this still within the context of learning about Family and Organization Constellations. In the last group there was a special woman who didn’t trust that she got the theory right. It all went so easy. So then she hired someone to teach her about this for a day.  She appeared to know all the details already. She told me that because of the deep intuitive way of working she had integrated everything very well.

It was all quite simple. Another precondition for this deep journey of the soul is that everybody really wants this from his or her heart. Also the fact that we are located in a special place without others and that we have our own cook who prepares delicious food for us with personal care. The peace of mind and the relaxation gives each block of the training more the feeling of a retreat than the feeling of training.

Reports on Family Constellations training as a journey of the soul

“His Master’s Voice……..Hylke knows how to put systemic work into place in the context of families and organizations, with and without words and really to the point. The field unfolds in its own powerful way. His power is to show insights by ways of experiencing them.” August 14th 2012.  Most important qualities: Pleasant,  Competent and Creative. EliseVerberg

“For me the great power of systemic work and the constellations of Hylke are: making the invisible visible and thereby offering relief, insight and solutions for questions that I can’t answer on a logical level.  His approach, who he is as a human and the insights and experiences that he knows to translate with his work have inspired me to do his Family and Organizations Constellation Training.

Hylke is a “guide”, he inspires confidence, is clear and direct and his open mind and heart give direction to you, your team or organization  to walk on your own path. Thank you, Hylke, you are a beautiful human being!!” July 10th, 2012. Lianne Van Liere, Talent Coach and Facilitator, TalentFirst.

“Two more training blocks to go in the year of training Family and Organization Constellations with Hylke Bonnema.  When joining Hylke you will put Hellingers theory really into practice with the New Constellating. What you see is what you get with Hylke, he is honest and straightforward. Working with Hylke gives me wings to fly and sheds new light on my observation skills.” May 22nd. 2012. Theresa Trouwee-Wolters, Acupuncturist / Physical Therapist, Isis Acupuncture.

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