You enter and have already heard about me from a friend. You feel inside of you that this is the right step for you, though you do not know exactly why, but you rely on your feeling and your friend.
I know that when you're with me on the couch, you've done more than half of the work allready. You have come to me to finish in a few sessions what had allready started in yourself. After a brief informal chat you sit down with a cup of tea. Then we begin the process.
You start by telling about your question. Because you really want to work, your intent quickly comes to the surface and the field starts to open up. The extent to which I have access to the forcefield is determined by your consciousness, intention and openness.
I open the field because I do not listen so much to your stories, but more to the color and tone of your being underneath that story. I meet you with my being in which one always is the mirror. I also hear about what people you talk to and what facts you mention. These are the entrances to the field. The actual reality is the gateway to a higher consciousness.

We start with constellating. You write on A4 sheets the names of the people or things that you just mentioned. For example: mother, father, spouse, brothers / sisters, children, illness or accident. Or when it is about work: managers, customers, partners, employees, new job, old job or dream job. It does not matter, we can bring almost anything into the constellation.
Then I ask you to put, without much thought, intuitively, the sheets on the ground and stand on the first sheet: of yourself, because we had forgotten that one?

Step by step we move inwards. We take the time to feel and perceive everything. I'll help you with that. The room begins to fill with what is. I'll take you along in a gentle way and make sure that you cannot escape from yourself. Every move we make and every new element that we bring in will help you to come closer to yourself.

The field itself is doing the job, and when we see and feel that it needs something than we do it. We continue doing this until you feel completely well and in the right place. An hour has passed and you are in your place and your questions are answered. You have become silent and for a moment time has completely disappeared.

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