The new way to do Constellations – the book

Our world, more than ever, needs people who, besides being able to think and act, can also feel and be good. People who act intuitively, empathically, powerfully and intelligently in the service of all life on earth. A humanity that learns to work together again with life and with nature. People who are willing to embrace their destiny, instead of fighting or trying to manipulate it. Man and technology in a beautiful combination of life, new life and nature.

With this book I want to contribute to this world by restoring connections through constellations and systemic coaching: between human and nature, between reason and intuition, between thinking and feeling. This method has been used for centuries by native people: they use it to connect: on a small scale with sick or searching people, and on a larger scale, in organizational, political-social movements.


If you want to read more, I have translated a few pages for you to get am impression.
You can download the preview here.

At the moment the book is being translated. It will be available this summer.
Send us a message via our contactform if you want to be informed about the release date.

The Dutch version can be ordered here: In shopping cart.

Coming Soon : Summer 2020

‘I finished the book in one go, I will definitely use this for my own issues.’


‘It is very accessible and innovative because of the new constellations. You get tips on how to use it yourself and it provides you new insights.’


‘In this time of change, it is very important that people are awakened and start living from the power of the heart. This book helps us with that.

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