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‘More than ever our world needs people who – besides being able to think and act – also can feel and be. People who act intuitively, empathically, powerfully and intelligently in service of all life on earth.’  

 I have struggled myself and know the hardships. I found back the ways of our ancestors. The systemic healing systemic power of nature people from all over the world. I learned to know myself, find my calling, grow my business, raise my kids, love my woman and enjoy all of life.

I can’t wait to share this with you. I have helped thousands people like you in my workshops, courses and seminars to fulfill their ‘souls’ potential, in work, love, health and leadership. And trained hundreds of professionals in my work ‘Intuitive Systemic Coaching’.

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How can I help you?

Love & Relationships

“Nothing touches our soul more than our love, our intimacy, our connection to another being that we love. And it can also bring up our deepest shadows, angers, fears, tears and despairs. I know this pain deeply and want to contribute to help alleviate it in our society. I believe if we can love truly many other problems disappear”

Work & Leadership

 “Work is love made visible, it is so joyful to be able to nourish yourself, your family and the society. Going beyond your fear of asking enough money, giving with full heart your gift to the world, standing out, speaking up. Leading fearlessly into the world of matter and form. Not holding back. It’s okey to be scared, I am also scared. However don’t let it take away the pleasure of living your calling in work this life, right now!”

 Intuitive Systemic Coaching Academy 

“The fastest way to help yourself and your clients move out of old emotional stories into life serving here and now possibility’s. The past 20 years of teaching familyconstellations and organizational constellations have lead us into a new way to work. We use the body to feel, the heart to experience and the soul to show up in the stillness of the constellations”


“Yes to life, yes to work, yes to love. To invest your time and with an honest  intention to our workshops, I promise you that it will bring you your answers, you are looking for. It brings up ‘YES, life, yes work, yes love’ and it brings you then you could expect, I personally guarantee it! Are you Brave enough, to reach out?

Hylke Bonnema

Amsterdam, 13  june 2019

Amsterdam, 22 juni 2019

Amsterdam, 26 Augustus 2019


” Our courses are journey’s of the soul, only right for the adventurers. Intuitive courageous entrepreneurial spirits who want to dive deep within, exploring their consciousness, their feelings, their strong ancestral roots. To come back renewed with insight, wisdom, clarity and above all love to share their gift, to live their soul’s dream, to work and help others to do what really matters”

The new way to do Constellations – the book

Our world needs more than ever people who, besides being able to think and act, can also feel and be good. People who act intuitively, empathically, powerfully and intelligently in the service of all life on earth. A humanity that learns to work together again with life and with nature. People who are willing to embrace their destiny instead of fighting or trying to manipulate it. Man

and technology in a beautiful combination with life, new life and nature. With this book I want to contribute to this world by making connections again with constellations and systemic coaching: between man and nature, between reason and intuition, between thinking and feeling. This method has been used for centuries by nature peoples: they make connection in small, sick or searching people, and in large, in organizational, political-social movements.

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How to do constellations in 7 steps

Our ‘Family Structures Handbook’ shows you in 7 steps how you can experience the effect of an arrangement with the aid of leaflets. Request the ‘Family Set-up Handbook’ on the right. Then you also receive our inspirational mail every two weeks

Hylke begrijpt zoals geen ander de dynamiek van sociale en familiesystemen. Een man van inzicht en ervaring! Naast zijn kennis kan hij ook een hoog ontwikkelde intuïtie inzetten.

Jan Bommerez - Inspirator - Author, mentor, coach

Hylke weet met en zonder woorden het systemisch werken in zowel familie- als organisatiecontext to the point neer te zetten, waarin het veld zich op krachtige en geheel eigen wijze ontvouwt. Inzicht bieden door te laten ervaren is zijn kracht.

Elise Verberg - Leiderschapscoach